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Viking Griffin Bronze Bangle



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  • Made from Bronze.
  • Sturdy, tough and semi-rigid.
  • Condition: New.
  • Weight: 40gr.
  • Bracelet width about 3/16" (4.5mm) in the main body and 1/4" (7mm) in the griffin's head.
  • Bracelet diameter: 6.5cm (opening adjustable).
  • Circumference: 7.5" (21cm).
  • Viking Griffin design.
  • Delivered in a free velvet pouch.​
  • Actual color may slightly vary from the pictures due to lighting or monitor.
  • It is recommended that this bracelet be adjusted once so that it can be taken on and off your wrist without further adjustment - please bend with gentle and even pressure. This bracelet is designed to be worn loose. Please avoid over bending as this may cause metal fatigue. Avoid wearing in showers and pools as chemicals and soaps can cause the metal to tarnish faster.
  • Recommended to warm it enough (by radiator, hairdryer, oven) before adjustment so that it can be more easily flexed for a closer fit.
  • This bracelet is designed to sit loosely.