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925 Sterling Silver Hawaiian Blue Opal Greek Key Meander Meandros Stud Earrings Set



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  •  Made from high quality Sterling Silver (925). 
  •  Total weight: 6.5gr.
  •  Hood/Stud type.
  •  Earrings are approx. 1/8" (4mm) in width. Inner circle diameter is 3/4" (18mm).
  •  Gemstone is man-made Opal from 40% real Opal dust carefully compressed under  high pressure to form these iridescent amazing stones. Color is Hawaiian blue.
  •  The inlay is carefully set with each stone cut to perfection. 
  •  Greek Key/Meander design.
  •  Hallmarked 925. 
  •  Delivered in a free gift box.